Project of the Month: BJB Partners + Prairie Main

#cciinstalls Project of the Month BJB Partners + Prairie Main 

When you’re in the real estate business, you learn to challenge conventional thinking about design and learn to make the ordinary extraordinary. So when BJB Partners needed to renovate their own office to adhere to their brand guidelines of “Vintage. Modern. Remarkable.” they came to Corporate Concepts for help flipping perceptions of traditional thinking to something special through measured, impactful design.

With design help from our friends Gooch Design Studio, we recently completed work for BJB Partners and Prairie Main, on a project 15 months in the making. From our initial meeting and design drafts to the build and installation, we have to say, the renovation wait was worth it for this innovative blend of vintage and modern materials BJB now calls home in Park Ridge, Illinois.


Building a Mission Statement

#cciinstalls Project of the Month BJB Partners + Prairie Main

To create an environment that supports creativity, innovation and collaboration, our team presented BJB with a palette that mixes modern and vintage elements with a robust presence of exposed, natural materials to update their interior with a sense of vibrancy. To top off the motif, BJB left the ceiling beams of the original structure exposed as a cherry on top of the mixed materials.

BJB drew inspiration for their renovation from multiple showroom tours with the Corporate Concepts team and from reviewing some of our recent installations.

All in all, the project included the build out of 20 offices, 27 work spaces, a large break room and 5 breakout areas and required the bottom-up renovation of 13,700 Sq. Ft. of office interior.


“We actually used our own marketing tagline, “Vintage, Modern, Remarkable,” as a springboard for the design goals of our corporate headquarters remodel. We tried to blend natural and industrial elements, that you might even see at some of our real estate properties, into a soft industrial loft-like space that would have an urban coffee house feel and loads of natural light.


We used elements that were existing, like the original wood truss roof, and paired it with fresh new elements like the concrete floor, clean white quartz and steel accents. To balance and soften the lines and texture of many of the building materials, we brought in upholstery, window treatments, circular overhead lights and green walls.“

-Stacy Purcell, BJB.

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Unique Features

Knowing the value of self-empowered employees, BJB sought to create a work place that energized and enabled their team to take ownership of their work environments and provide them with the opportunity to work throughout their office with dynamic break out areas incorporated into their renovation.

By installing height adjustable workstations as standard for all employees, BJB supports well-being in the workplace and standardized the sit-to-stand desk across their office.


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Looking to the future, BJB incorporated a leasing office into their design for clients or future tenants to come sign leases in a safe, comfortable space.

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The primary solution for BJB’s office and workstations were populated with Knoll Studio materials, including the Bertoia Diamond Chairs which use the grace of industrial materials

And elevate a space into an artful nod to utility.


Brand alignment

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Throughout the space, the team selected furniture incorporated with marble, reclaimed wood, bright white finishes and KnollStudio classics to help meet BJB’s initial project goals.

However, with such an ambitious vision for their renovation, we knew BJB’s needs wouldn’t be realized with off-the-shelf solutions for each space. We worked with custom furniture manufacturer, Wehrli to tailor several pieces for the project including reclaimed wood tables, the stunning reception desk which features a marble front and the live edge café table.


“Corporate Concepts was an integral part of pulling together our overall design vision. They did a fabulous job of taking ideas, from inspiration photos and our conversations, and found vendors who were able turn those visions into beautiful and functional pieces of furniture that are true works of art. They found timeless workspace pieces that not only fit our goals, but also our budget and our timeline. Corporate Concepts also did an outstanding job with details and held our hands throughout the entire design, order and installation process.”

-Stacy Purcell, BJB.

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Whether you’re planning your dream office or if it only exists as scribbles on a diner napkin, Corporate Concepts can help turn your vision into a reality. To learn more about our design and partnership process contact us to set up a meeting, consultation or coffee. We’d love to help with your next project.