Life Changes. Quality Endures. KnollStudio

As the definitive resource for modern furniture, Knoll has been setting the standard of excellence in design since 1960. From iconic pieces to highly functional designs, KnollStudio offers a wide variety of furniture solutions that seamlessly blend the needs of a high-performance work space and the comforts of home.

Materials designed for KnollStudio escape categorization and live to fill any space with enduring style and comfort for all. As they say, life changes but quality endures.


Flexible Work Spaces

For today’s high-demand office environment, dynamic furniture is more than a place to hang your hat. Informal work spaces that give employees the choice of alternative working options provide businesses and their team members flexibility and variety in their work day. Fluid pieces such as the Florence Knoll Dining Table help marry a community café or dining area into a suitable meeting or workplace.

Florence Knoll Dining Table

Often the best way to manipulate a space is a flexible solution that allows an employee to adjust their workspace per their mood. Studies have shown that control over one’s work environment lead to more fulfilling careers for your team.

Our favorite selection from KnollStudio’s flexible offerings is the Pixel C-Leg desk. Easily converted from a sitting to standing position, the Pixel desk is designed to make your connected life easy and untangled.

Pixel C leg

While moving from standing to sitting and back again is useful, it’s far from revolutionary. What distinguishes the Pixel as a one-of-a-kind office furniture solution is its ability to gang with other units. The Pixel Connect™’s integral ganging brackets allow the table to be joined with others on all four sides, allowing you to repurpose and move the piece from space to space for meetings, group brainstorming, training sessions or individual work.

pixel connect

Executive Privileges

KnollStudio was created to provide the highest quality furniture, design and storage solutions for the home and the office. From reception to meeting spaces and yes, the executive offices, KnollStudio features inventive design solutions for everyone.

Our favorite example of creative storage is the Florence Knoll Credenza. Designed to serve as an executive desk, table desk, storage and filing. The Florence Knoll Credenza accounts for all the filing and storage missing from many executive desks. The finish and veneer are customizable with coated marble materials and several wood finishes the Florence Knoll Credenza is perfectly complementary to any space and transcends function and style.

Florence Knoll Credenza

Conference Seating

The unsung hero of any office is of course the meeting room. Often the source for introductions, discussions and key decisions, a modern, comfortable meeting room can have a big impact on your business. 

For a comfortable, stylish and understated element in your meeting room, the Saarinen room chair is an innovative chair that achieves comfort through a soft shell shape as opposed to depth of cushioning.

We love it because it’s dynamic enough for conference room meetings or fine dining. The Saarinen Executive Chair remains one of the most popular Knoll designs since its introduction in 1950. The sculptural form and modern finishing give the chair a refined silhouette and an essential, timeless appeal.

The Saarinen Executive ChairThe Saarinen Executive Chair

Of course, no two offices have the same needs. Curating your space with the ideal furniture solutions requires more than picking a few pieces out of a catalogue. That’s where we come in. At Corporate Concepts, we listen to your business needs and help you populate your space with the right business furniture solutions to help you hit your goals and to feel proud of your business.


Once we fully understand your design requirements we create design representations with detailed specifications to garner your feedback. Fully automated and reviewed for accuracies, our process ensures a no-error delivery of your ideal office environment from staging to installation.

To learn more about our process helping our clients meet their business goals, contact us.