Three Major Trends from Design Days and NeoCon 2023

There was major excitement surrounding MillerKnoll's Design Days and NeoCon 2023, and the events certainly surpassed every expectation.

This year, Design Days and NeoCon showcased a range of fresh new products that to support the ever-changing needs of employees and the future of workspaces.

As we reflect on the innovation and beauty of the products on display, we noted three prominent trends that are influencing today’s workspaces and inspiring dynamic and thoughtful everyday office environments.



With its stunning showroom redesign, Knoll continues to shine a light on the benefits of flexible, non-traditional working environments (and how they can still inspire productivity, regardless of the setup.)

From private offices that can shift into collaborative workspaces to elevated workstations for heads-down work but also allow for social interactions, the message is clear. Companies must provide creative workspace solutions that prioritize solo work, teamwork, and daily socialization.




Community and Collaboration

One of the many positive aspects of the evolving workplace is the notion of choice. Employees now have even more options regarding where and how they choose to work. Therefore, the need for dedicated areas for employees to reconnect, collaborate, and brainstorm is more important than ever. 

Collaborative spaces can include hybrid meeting areas, small group connection spaces, and interior garden spaces that foster communication and connection amongst coworkers and teams. Areas like these do more than give employees the power to choose their own working environment. They also foster a strong workplace community.





Whether they’re returning to the office on a hybrid or full-time schedule, it’s crucial that employees feel welcomed back into the office and valued by their employers and leadership teams.

Creating touchdown hospitality spaces with functional yet beautiful, inviting furniture provides an elevated environment that captivates employees and guests, making them feel appreciated and comfortable in the workplace.




Final Thoughts

As Muuto's theme of "Perspectives on Work" suggests, the needs of the modern office will continue to evolve, and manufacturers that are ready to adapt can support and influence those changes through innovative, unique, and high-performance designs.

Design Days and NeoCon 2023 proved just how dedicated the industry’s leading manufacturers and the design community are to reinventing traditional office and commercial spaces.