The Emerged Law Practice (Workplace Research)

Traits of the Modern Law Office

A myriad of disruptors has changed the way law firms manage clients and conduct business. Artificial intelligence and digitalization of documents have vastly lowered the cost of delivering legal services. These changes have also transformed the modern law office to a much more transparent and collaborative environment.


Today, law firms are capitalizing on the changing landscape of the modern office environment to provide smaller, collaborative work spaces that empower their team and strengthen client perceptions and relationships.  


To create that optimal workplace, three things must be in balance: people, process and place.

Knoll conducted research and spoke to more than a dozen leaders who plan and design law firm offices to learn about challenges and planning strategies for balancing these three elements.


“The public face is to reinforce the brand, experience, expertise and depth of reputation,” said Gensler’s Jim Prendergast, Principal, Gensler, Chicago. “The quality of the materials, the rigor of their detailing, innovative use of finishes and timeless quality of design speaks about the level of service clients will get from the firm.”


The full report includes information on shifting hiring practices, updating processes, and leveraging shared spaces in the field. Download the brief to learn more about at what’s in store for law offices, their talent and how you can plan for the future.


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