Spring Product Round-Up: Sustainable Solutions

It’s only fitting that sustainability remains a trend that withstands the test of time. With more clients looking to incorporate recycled materials, durable products, and biophilic design, furniture manufacturers are increasingly creating sustainable product offerings in response to market demand. We’ve rounded up our top sustainable selections for Spring.

Generation, Knoll

Knoll Generation

In 2009, Knoll launched the Generation task chair to change the way we work. The Generation Series combines “unrestrained comfort, ease of movement and peak performance” to let people choose how they want to sit. This chair is DeclareSM-certified and LEED®-compliant, highlighting Knoll’s commitment to sustainability with this product line. See how The Generation Chair reimagines how we think about workplace seating.

Aiayu Accessories, Muuto

Muuto Aiayu Accessories

Muuto’s Aiayu collection was created by Copenhagen design studio Aiayu with the belief that a product’s environmental and social impact is just as important as its design. Developed with sustainability at its core, the line is not just inspired by the textiles and color palettes in nature, but it is thoughtfully produced in Bolivia with sustainable materials and production processes. This line offers a variety of soft accessories, including the Rhythm Throw, Ample Throw, Twine Cushion, and Layer Cushion.

Timber, DIRTT

DIRTT Timber

With the continuing trend of biophilic design, we’re constantly exploring opportunities to bring the beauty and simplicity of nature into our clients’ workspaces. DIRTT’s Timber Frame allows for the creation of a variety of spaces, including canopies, mezzanines, and more, while solving for the sustainability needs of our clients.

Gingko Rope, Davis

Ginkgo Rope

Gingko Rope chairs from Davis are hand-woven with high-quality marine-grade polyester rope to help them stand the test of time. The chairs, repped by Stack Brogan Collective, can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them ideal for creating harmony throughout your workplace. Davis’ commitment to sustainability is represented in everything they do and, with its multi-purpose use and durable material, the Gingko Rope chair is no exception.

Motus, Luxo

Luxo Motus

The Motus Flat and Motus Mini table lamps by Luxo – repped by Stack Brogan Collective – are sustainable, beautiful products to brighten up your space. Not only do they offer flexibility in their ergonomic design, but the adjustable light output allows you to save energy. Plus, the Motus Flat has an optional sensor that can turn the light on when motion is detected and turn the light off after periods of inactivity, reducing electrical output.  

Nuez Lounge BIO Chair, Andreu World

Andreu World Nuez Lounge BIO Chair

The Nuez Lounge BIO chair, designed by Patricia Urquiola, is part of a large Nuez Lounge BIO collection for Andreu World. As shared by Patricia, the chair “is made of a thermopolymer of natural origin, not fossil, generated by living microorganisms, making it biodegradable and compostable. In addition, it is 100% recyclable and is designed so that the materials that comprise it can be easily separated,” making it a staple for a sustainably-focused office.

Pods, Senator

Senator Pods

As workplaces navigate the intricacies of maintaining an open floor plan while safely returning to their space, Senator’s Pods have become a popular tool for the return to the workplace. They provide ideal options for small team meetings or private workstations, offering efficiency, flexibility, and privacy throughout your space. Plus, they embody Senator’s commitment to sustainability.

Are you looking to renew your commitment to sustainability while maintaining a high-performing office space? Contact us to see how we can help find the right sustainable solutions for your space.