Project of the Month: The Irvine Company Flex Workspace+

71 S Wacker Drive

At 71 South Wacker, The Irvine Company worked with Eastlake Studio to design their Flex Workspace+ and with Corporate Concepts to furnish it. Their approach was to utilize an ancillary furniture budget to its fullest in order to soften the space, leaving the systems furniture to be decided by the tenant who occupies the suite once it is leased.

This gives potential tenants an idea of the possibilities within the space, while offering them the flexibility to choose their own workstation and private office configuration with ease upon move-in.


To truly convey this, it was important to The Irvine Company that the space embody the building’s character and the opportunities that lie within its walls. Having previously furnished multiple spaces within 71 South Wacker, the team at Corporate Concepts was familiar with the building’s nuances and thrilled to bring its unique characteristics to life.

This was achieved by using sleek ancillary furniture selections that inspired prospective tenants to visualize their dream office space.


By utilizing a mix of Muuto, Bernhardt and Wherli furniture, Corporate Concepts was able to stay under budget, on schedule and achieve The Irvine Company’s goal of bringing the soul of the building to life in a way that attracts tenants.

Each piece of ancillary furniture was selected to help soften the area and provide a clean slate that tenants could make their own, while maximizing their budget.



Flex Workspace+ Reception

The reception space utilizes a mix of Muuto Around Tables and Outline Sofas with Bernhardt Lilt Chairs to create a polished entryway.


Conference Room

Flex Workspace+ Conference Room

The Knoll Rockwell Unscripted Library Table adds a welcoming touch to the conference room. Surrounded by OFS Pret task chairs and finished with modern Muuto Under the Bell Pendant Lamps, this room is the perfect canvas for a board meeting or creative brainstorm.



Flex Workspace+ Cafe

The Icon Modern High Top Table, perfectly paired with Muuto Fiber Stools, serves as a focal point of the Flex Workspace+ café. To offer ample space for clients to enjoy a change of scenery or just take a break from their desk, ERG Newport Benches were utilized alongside Allermuir Turo Tables and Bernhardt Queue Chairs. Muuto Grain Green Pendant Lights help round out the space while pulling together the green accent on the Queue Chairs.


Meeting Rooms

Flex Workspace+ Casual Meeting Room

Corporate Concepts furnished two unique meetings rooms, allowing potential clients to envision themselves in a space fit for a casual conversation or a more formal discussion.

The first meeting room, a more casual area, utilizes a mix of Allermuir Open Chairs and Open Side Tables alongside Muuto’s Connect Sofa. The same Muuto Around Table from the reception area was used to help create continuity between the workspaces.

Flex Workspace+ Formal Meeting Room

To offer a more formal setting, the second meeting room features an Allermuir Turo Table surrounded by Muuto Fiber Armchairs.


Open Huddle

Flex Workspace+ Open Huddle

The open huddle area maximizes space by allowing occupants to enjoy an inviting spot to touchdown and chat. By providing additional seating areas, Corporate Concepts created more opportunities to fully utilize all that The Irvine Company’s Flex Workspace+ has to offer.


Private Offices and Team Workstations

Flex Workspace+ Workstation Rendering

Flex Workspace+ Private Office Rendering

In addition to creating communal areas designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients, Corporate Concepts suggests Knoll’s K-stand and Reff solutions for systems furniture.  By giving the future tenant the opportunity to choose workstation and private office solutions that suit their workforce best, they can work with the Corporate Concepts team to efficiently secure these systems and occupy the space as quickly as possible.

The renderings above feature dynamic sit-to-stand desks with Regen and Mulitgen chairs. Both the workstations and offices allow clients an added sense of flexibility.

If you’re looking to maximize the potential of your flexible workspace, contact us to learn how we can help bring your vision to life through thoughtful furniture choices.