To drive home their team approach to multi-disciplinary market research, C+R Research wanted to modernize their workspace and highlight their collaborative, vibrant culture. BOX Studios had a blank slate to work with and partnered with Corporate Concepts to develop furniture solutions that worked in unison with the design to reimagine the space.


It was important that the team develop an environment that blends C+R Research’s dynamic culture with their strong sense of community.

To do this, BOX Studios took a European urban planning approach, creating angular circulation off a single center point. The furniture provided accentuates these design choices by creating visual interest using high-contrast materials paired with these dynamic angles.

 CR Research_low_04


When a client of C+R Research enters the space, they will immediately understand the culture of their team. Custom graphics were used to emphasize the company values while adding a focal point to the space.

CR Research_low_02

Upon entering the office, a Knoll Rockwell table is immediately seen from the reception space. This beautiful hoteling area gives clients a first look into the unique, collaborative environment.

CR Research_low_01


In addition to the hoteling area, the space was created to promote teamwork. By reducing the number of private office spaces and supplementing them with flexible meeting room options, the new office embodies the open, transparent environment while providing multiple ways for teams to come together.

C+R Research’s meeting-heavy culture requires rooms with technology to support their video conferencing needs, so the BOX Studios team planned for a variety of areas that all support different size groups. It was important to not just accommodate larger gatherings, but to also enable smaller spaces for short group touch downs throughout the day.

The flexibility of the group spaces was embodied in the individual workstations as well, where sit-to-stand desks were used to encourage wellness while offering more options to work.

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