Project of the Month: Boston Consulting Group

When it came time to reimagine Boston Consulting Group's Chicago office, Charlie Greene Studio enlisted the help of Corporate Concepts. We worked with Charlie Greene Studio to bring the workspace to life, taking inspiration from the city of Chicago to inform the color palette and furniture selection.

The furniture groupings in this particular space, referred to as Helen’s Café, are arranged to encourage groups or individuals to linger and recharge, whether playing a video game, listening to albums or enjoying the view. The idea is to offer a comfortable oasis for team member's to go for a creative reset.

“The eclectic furniture in Helen’s Café was selected for comfort and uniqueness.  While each piece has its own opinion, they all work together to form a collection that feels easy, approachable, and collected over time.” – Jen McCord, Design Director at Charlie Greene Studio

To learn more about the furniture selections, scroll through the images below. Anywhere you see an orange plus sign, hover over the icon for more information on the product used.



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