Project of the Month: ActiveCampaign

In 2017 ActiveCampaign selected their new Chicago office at 1 North Dearborn and partnered with the team at Eastlake Studio to create a lively workplace that accurately represents their collaborative, creative culture. Corporate Concepts had the privilege of working with the client on the initial space and again on their expansion, supporting their business as it continues to flourish. 

As Eastlake Studio's Director and Architect, Nicole Tabata, AIA, explains:

"ActiveCampaign is a growing tech firm with a strong company culture, and showcasing their branding and personality was central to our design. In both phases of this project, we incorporated fun, memorable moments throughout each floor to break up the space, and avoid the monotony of a large office. Our furniture plan and product selections were key in creating settings around the monumental stair, in the coffee bar, and in the theater-inspired secret lounge area that we designed as part of the expansion. From small meeting rooms to café areas to comfy soft seating, ActiveCampaign’s staff has a variety of options that fit different styles of working, and support company training, events, and break time."

To learn more about the furniture selections, scroll through the images below. Anywhere you see an orange plus sign, hover over the icon for more information on the product used. Plus, keep reading to learn more about the work.


The expansion, which took place in 2020, was completed in two phases, with the initial phase being devoted to the overall collaborative capacity of the expansion suite. Corporate Concepts developed hybrid workstations leveraging Knoll’s Dividend panel system to separate users, in addition to other high-performance components including height-adjustable surfaces and individual mobile storage. In lieu of private offices, the headquarters utilizes a mix of conference rooms, small huddle rooms, and even hidden game rooms and secret meeting areas that allow for meetings to take place while embodying ActiveCampaign’s playful culture. The second phase of the expansion was dedicated to the development of a monumental staircase that connects the original headquarters with their new space just a floor below. Corporate Concepts’ team worked closely with Eastlake Studio, ECI, and ActiveCampaign to achieve a seamless experience through this project.

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