Product Spotlight: Veil by 3Form

As more companies return to their office space, it’s important that the workplace is designed to create a safe yet high-performing environment. Social distancing requirements are leading to a shift in how we think about open floorplans and community spaces. Screens and partitions have become a popular consideration in order to delineate space between workstations and seating areas in common spaces.

That’s where 3Form’s new Varia interlayer, Veil, comes in.

 3Form Varia Veil Panel


Superior Safety

Veil is the newest interlayer option for 3Form’s material line, Varia. Varia is a high-performance resin that is ideal for areas that require frequent cleaning. Because of their durability and cleanability, all Varia products, the new Veil line included, help promote proper disinfection of surfaces and a safer work environment.

Not only does the resin promote safe cleaning practices, but it also resists erosion when faced with harsh cleaning chemicals, ensuring it will withstand your rigorous cleaning schedule.

3Form's Veil Workstation Partitions

Colorful Configurations

The Veil line adds a subtle and organic texture to your partitions while providing a wide-variety of color options, making it a beautiful design element for your space. The signature color palette was designed to promote richness and depth, making it a unique focal point in any workspace.

Whether you’re using color to brighten a space or to incorporate your brand colors into the design on your work environment, Veil neutralizes that pop of color for a more natural look . Plus, each panel is translucent, allowing it to diffuse light and providing the feeling of a more open floorplan, despite its intention to create separation.

 Veil Seating Area

Sophisticated Separation

No matter the space you’re working in, these easy-to-clean partitions integrate seamlessly into existing office layouts. The dynamic configurations and endless color options make it a top choice for any environment that utilizes group spaces.

There are some industries in which Veil is extremely beneficial, including:

  • Educational settings: This product line is ideal for classrooms, labs, and administrative offices. For educational settings for young children – elementary schools, for example – the bright color options make this the perfect choice.
  • Healthcare environments: Because of the cleanability and durability of Varia resin, Veil is a great choice for medical office buildings, clinics, primary care offices, hospitals, and any additional medical facilities that undergo frequent, intensive cleaning.
  • Corporate offices: Workstations, shared workspaces, and community areas all benefit from Veil’s sleek design.

Are you looking to enhance safety without compromising design? Contact us today to see if Veil is the right solution for you.