Our Perspective: MillerKnoll's Sustainability Approach

With Earth Day just around the corner on April 22nd, we want to highlight some of the awesome green initiatives over at MillerKnoll. They strive to make the world a better place — not just with their iconic furniture, but with how they run their business too. They're all about supporting the planet, people, and communities. They even set themselves three big sustainability goals to hit by 2030! Read on to hear about their plans and some truly inspiring actions they're taking.

reduce carbon footprint by 50%

Their two biggest factories, known for gobbling up power, went green in 2022 — switching to 100% hydro and wind energy. They’re done with renewable energy certificates (RECs). Now it's all about the real deal when it comes to powering their factories sustainably. Their Sustainability Business Resource Group is a team of eco-warriors who've helped them kick out single-use plastic bottles and utensils from their facilities. Plus, the group sets up volunteer events throughout the year.

Design Out Waste

They’ve made some serious eco-friendly upgrades lately. Plastic's a thing of the past in their cafés and vending spots NRDBC — they’re all about compostable or reusable tableware now. Plus, their wood plant is cutting down on packaging like Styrofoam, making work safer and easier. And those fabric scraps? They're off to Haiti, where artisans turn them into things like bags and home décor. Oh, and if you're thinking of upgrading your office, don't toss out the old furniture! Their rePurpose program gives it a new home with nonprofits, keeping 98% of it out of landfills. They’re all about giving things a second chance.

Source Better Materials

They’ve teamed up with the Nextwave Plastics crew to start using ocean-bound plastic (OBP) in products to packaging and beyond. You'll spot OBP in products like Aeron, Sayl, Revenio textiles, and parts of the OE1 Workspace Collection. Oh, and have you seen the Fiber Chair Family from Muuto? It's made from recycled plastic, sourced straight from post-industrial waste during eyewear manufacturing. Plus, they’re all about keeping things safe and transparent. Their Restricted List of Chemicals keeps the nasty stuff out of products by guiding their suppliers. And when it comes to sourcing sustainable goodies, their Ecomedes platform is the place to be. Designers, architects, and customers can easily find, compare, and snag eco-friendly products from all our different brands

Final Thoughts

MillerKnoll is leading the charge in sustainable practices with its bold initiatives and commitment to a greener future. By reducing their carbon footprint, designing out waste, and sourcing better materials, they're making significant strides towards their ambitious sustainability goals for 2030. (Click here for more details.) Let's celebrate their inspiring actions and continue supporting companies dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet.

Do you have sustainability goals or simply seek a more eco-friendly working environment? Then reach out to us today. We'd be happy to assist you in applying that perspective when selecting ideal furnishings for your organization's space.