As today’s work environments compete with everywhere else, including our homes, it is imperative workplaces serve as a magnet for employees and function as a place they want to come to work and interact with one another. A magnetized workplace environment draws people in with a space that supports creativity, collaboration, culture, and inclusivity. With the rise of hybrid models and the realization that heads-down work for many can be done efficiently from home, many companies have found value in ancillary spaces.

MillerKnoll categorizes these different areas as "neighborhoods" that all serve specific purposes and create dedicated spaces for people to perform certain tasks. For example, there are spaces designed for independent work, like Havens or Coves, along with areas for large meetings and collaboration, like Jump Spaces or Plazas, and many in between. While neighborhoods may have individual purposes, they're also designed to flow freely and easily from one space to the next.

As a MillerKnoll dealer, Corporate Concepts is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of clients looking to evolve and magnetize their workplace. The five MillerKnoll brands featured below offer unique aesthetics and varying levels of functionality allowing companies to tailor a solution that aligns with their culture and reflects the character of their company.


Knoll products “support and enhance the choices people will make at work every day.” That doesn’t just mean desks and workstations. They provide several types of gathering spaces, known as Refuge, Enclave, Team Meeting, Assembly, and Community areas. Each of these has a separation purpose, and therefore, a unique style of design. For example, their refuge spaces are quiet areas where people can work solo, while assembly areas are providing furniture pieces that bring teammates together for collaboration and foster rich interactions amongst coworkers.



Herman Miller designs outside the box (or cubicle, if you will) and creates pieces that contribute to the success of the evolving workplace. They believe that every environment deserves unique solutions that best fit its occupants. Herman Miller designs products that support the notion of each office having a "heart," which they describe as, “a place where people can come together and take the pulse of the organization.” Herman Miller’s offering of flexible, brightly-colored, and mix-and-match solutions are sure to find a home in any modern office space.



With the founding principle that "good design is everyone's right" HAY addresses the needs of all workspaces, from workstations and task chairs to conference rooms and dining areas. HAY products create fluidity between office areas, breaking down boundaries and offering comfortable, inviting furniture solutions for employees to get their work done. HAY pays attention to the details, to the real moments that happen throughout the day, and develops products that support them. With a wide array of muted, warm-colored basics to eye-catching pops of color, your office will be a place that people look forward to coming to every day.



Muuto designs pieces that are meant to inspire and influence how we experience our surroundings. The name muuto comes from the Finnish word muutos, meaning “new perspective." Muuto itself continuously designs to reimagine the way we see the world. As we learn to see working spaces in a new light, mutto ancillary pieces help redefine the modern office and all its capabilities in order to accommodate the changing needs of its employees.



You don’t need to sacrifice user experience when investing in modern furniture pieces. Naughtone’s solutions are designed to be a contemporary take on comfort with a focus on social and environmental impacts. Their pieces are intended to look handcrafted and artisanal and yet are built to be high-performance additions to your workspace. Naughtone enhances the way employees interact with one another and supports face-to-face collaboration. With collections that provide solutions for a variety of environments, Naughtone thoughtfully addresses the increasing need for both social and private spaces within each workspace.