Lincoln International: Championing workplace innovation

Lincoln International recently completed a transformative office redesign in San Francisco, setting a new standard for smart and savvy workspace innovation. As a valued client with a history of successful collaborations across the country, Lincoln International sought to elevate its established design principles through this project.

Innovation & function

Collaborating closely with Perkins Eastman, the redesign boasts 37 workstations and 20 private offices, furnished with a curated selection of high-end furniture. Think Knoll Reff workstations fostering focused productivity, Clarus Glassboards illuminating brainstorming sessions, and Herman Miller task chairs ensuring ergonomic comfort. The design philosophy prioritizes a modern, cohesive, and professional aesthetic, seamlessly aligning with Lincoln International's dedication to excellence.

Meeting rooms are equipped with Nienkamper conference tables and Keilhauer conference seating, while the café area features Stylex Cafe tables complemented by National and Davis lounge seating. This creates an environment that is both intelligently designed and conducive to productivity. The project's primary objective is to reflect Lincoln International's image as a financial industry leader and establish a consistent and welcoming workspace for employees nationwide.

This project showcases Lincoln International's commitment to championing workspace innovation, embodying a seamless fusion of cutting-edge design, functionality, and a collaborative hub that resonates with the company's esteemed reputation. The San Francisco office redesign stands as a testament to their forward-thinking vision and dedication to creating spaces that are as strategically crafted as they are visually striking — a place where sleek Knoll workstations and sun-drenched Clarus boards fuel focused brilliance


Final Thoughts

Lincoln International's space is an excellent example of the endless possibilities when transforming a workplace environment. Whether you're looking to create an atmosphere teeming with inventive, innovative style or a space that focuses on collaboration, you can reflect your business and its mission in your surroundings. We'd be thrilled to help make your vision a reality. Reach out to us today.