How We Succeed in Higher Education Environments

While our team may be known for our work in the corporate sector, Corporate Concepts has a breadth of experience building solutions for all types of spaces. From apartment complexes to medical centers, we’ve done it all. But today, we’d like to focus on one particular environment – higher education institutions. 


Just like corporate entities, every higher education client has its own set of requirements. Here’s what we’re often presented with when navigating higher education institution projects:

  • Changing Guidelines: With some institutions, our team has a good deal of creative freedom in the furniture selection process. Others are most comfortable working with their pre-vetted vendors and have specific design standards they need to follow. 
  • Unusual Spaces: Higher education projects are often a little unconventional. While our team has designed areas in new university buildings, we’re also frequently working within the confines of nearly century-old spaces. 
  • Time Constraints: With educational institutions, our team is often required to complete projects within the confines of student breaks. But thanks to our experienced project managers, Corporate Concepts can successfully execute installations during these periods, minimizing unnecessary downtime. 
  • Unique Needs: Most importantly, these areas aren’t being designed for adults with traditional office jobs. They’re geared towards students of all ages who need comfortable and functional places to work, relax, and come together with their classmates.  

Despite these major differences from traditional corporate projects, Corporate Concepts remains unphased. Whether we’re in a historic building working with our clients’ chosen manufacturers or given free reign designing a brand-new place, we’ll work together to find the perfect solution.



Higher education campuses demand high-performance, multi-purpose areas that are very different from corporate offices. In our past experiences with our higher education clients, we’ve designed: 

  • Classrooms, where we worked to find practical desks and chairs where students can focus. 

  • Residence halls, in which students need flexible furniture for studying, relaxing, and socializing.

  • Wellness centers, which are designed to give students a calming place to receive medical treatment.

  • Student lounges that allow for easy flow of conversation and give classmates a place to connect.

  • Computer science centers, which need reliable pieces to support high technological demands. 

And through it all, our team works closely with our clients to adhere to their schools’ design guidelines and budget.  


OUR SOlution

By creating a cohesive blend of products from our trusted vendors like KnollHolly HuntMuutoOkamura, and Allermuir, we’re able to cater to every space’s unique needs. 

For instance, one of our valued higher education clients asked us to develop furniture solutions for their new student wellness center. This project encompassed socializing areas, administrative offices, exam rooms, and more. 

After establishing our overarching aesthetic, our team then found pieces that met each area’s requirements. For example, our team used a blend of Knoll Rockwell couches and Okamura Lives lounging chairs for cozy community nooks. But in our waiting rooms, we added Muuto fiber chairs, which are easy to clean and sanitize, and Knoll Studio Risom tables to give students a place to fill out paperwork or study while they wait.

With our trusted partners’ large array of products, we can find the perfect pieces to achieve our higher education clients’ goals. 



Whether we’re working in a newly constructed office tower or walking the historical halls of higher education institutions, our team is always able to find a successful solution. If your educational environment needs a partner for your next group project, we’re ready to get started. Contact us today to learn more