How to Avoid Project Delays and Manage Shipping Timelines

Timeline, deadlines and move in dates are always top of mind for any project manager or designer planning a renovation, office move or a build-out. The cornerstone of balancing project needs comes down to the ability to find quality products that can be ordered and delivered quickly.

But ordering the right furniture for an office project isn’t just about the timeline, it’s about ensuring a positive experience for the end-user. A client will never forget if the end product doesn’t create an atmosphere that meets their vision and business goals.

That’s where Knoll’s Quickship program comes in. Pulling from the empirically-successful Knoll Essentials line, this program guarantees delivery of any order by the end of next week and offers a catalogue of some of Knoll’s most popular and functional business furniture solutions.

Here’s how Knoll’s Quickship program offers the best-of-the-best that can help save you from scope creep and keep an office design project on schedule.


Quickship to the Rescue

How to Avoid Project Delays and Manage Shipping Timelines


In an ideal project timeline, a designer would have a few weeks or even months to draw, develop and design the office space before selecting the right furniture to embody the client’s brand. From there, delivery estimates may require one month or more depending on the materials selected.

In the design world, that sort of timeline is typically a luxury rather than reality. 

Even with a variety of factors that reduce the operational timeline, Knoll’s Quickship program offers options that will allow a team of designers to be intentional and confident about the furniture they choose. The timeline transparency also regulates expectations for move in dates and planning.

The Knoll Quickship Delivery program offers popular configurations of your favorite products with just two to three-week lead times. When expediency and quick results are required, the Quickship program makes it easy to deliver high-quality furniture solutions with a structured, transparent timeline.


Essentials Don’t Skimp on Style

How to Avoid Project Delays and Manage Shipping Timelines 

The Knoll Essentials line offers a suite of tried and tested business furniture that spans from desks and chairs to accessories and fully designed workstations — all pulled from the most popular and iconic styles to make your selection process easy.

Designed to support people and space, the Knoll Essentials line lives up to its name. From stationary to rolling chairs, full workstations and outdoor seating, it’s curated with the most popular, easy-to-configure solutions. 

The flexible and functional lineup is curated to appeal to designers in need of tasteful pieces for interiors in any industry. With offerings for individual workstations, collaboration spaces and meeting room needs, Knoll Essentials is a dependable resource for projects of all kinds.

If you’re in a rush, or simply enjoy the ever-modern styling of the Knoll Essentials line, contact us to discuss your project timeline and we’ll help keep your timeline manageable.