How Corporate Concepts Optimizes Multi-Family Dwellings

Last year, the lines between workspaces and living spaces blurred. People were working from their dining room tables, eating at their desks, taking Zoom calls from their beds – and for many, that remote lifestyle is here to stay. 

According to the Future Workforce Pulse Report, 36.2 million Americans will be remote by 2025. That’ll be 16.8 million more remote employees than pre-2020. Because of this, it’s more important than ever that people have comfortable, functional living areas to continue working remotely successfully. 

Though our name gives away the fact that we’re often in corporate spaces, our team also works in several other types of environments. And as our projects become more diverse, Corporate Concepts adapts our solutions by finding new interior furniture choices that perfectly fit our clients’ needs. 


Here’s how we tackle multi-family dwellings:  


Over the last few years, Corporate Concepts has had the pleasure of working on apartment buildings and other residential structures. Although multi-family dwellings often require a different approach, we still use our proven process to achieve our clients’ goals. Our team focuses on transparent communication, finding pieces that bring a space to life, prioritizing the client budget, and getting the job done on time. 

Of course, this undertaking doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Every project requires a balancing act of communication between all teams involved, including the client, the design team, architects, building owners, real estate services, and more. 

For example, our most recent multi-dwelling project at AMLI 808 was a joint effort between the architects at NORR, their client, AMLI apartments, and procurement agency Beyer Brown



As you can probably guess, multi-family dwellings have vastly different needs than an office environment. Our team is often tasked with creating a cohesive selection of furniture solutions for several types of rooms. 

For the brand-new AMLI 808 residential building, Corporate Concepts worked on:

  • The building’s leasing office 
  • Waiting areas in the lobby
  • Common spaces on apartment floors 
  • Soft spaces for resting 
  • Touchdown areas for remote working 

Often when working on a brand-new building, our team is starting from scratch. But in this case, NORR had a clear vision for what they were looking for in AMLI 808. Wallcoverings and flooring had already been chosen, and there was already an established color palette. This meant that Corporate Concepts already had a solid skeleton to flesh out our design. 

We always go the extra mile when it comes to bringing our clients’ vision to life. That’s why we often bring them to furniture showrooms to discuss what pieces align with their vision, like we did with NORR.



While our team can get just about anything custom-made, made-to-order pieces weren't the right solution for AMLI due to cost and potential lead-time challenges.

To combat these factors, Corporate Concepts assembled a variety of solutions based on price and delivery time. If a piece worked great with the space but was too expensive, our team found several high-quality alternatives to fit their needs and budget. If some products were delayed past the job’s deadlines, we provided other options that were more accessible and fulfilled the same need.  

Our AMLI 808 team used their strong background in interior design to source excellent solutions for NORR. “I enjoy the details and finding alternatives,” says project manager Jenn Sheehan. “It’s a positive challenge, the hunt for the perfect match.”



Our multi-family dwelling projects often allow our team to flex our artistic muscles as we work with exciting color palettes, patterns, and textures. For example, at AMLI 808, we implemented cozy, textured chairs with sleek supports for our waiting room area, along with modern sofas and comfortable molded chairs for working spaces.

Whether our clients are looking for a monochromatic aesthetic or working with colorful patterns and rich textures, we always find the right high-performance, long-lasting pieces to keep their spaces in great shape for the long term.

Now more than ever, residential buildings need diverse solutions that can fulfill the many needs of their modern inhabitants. If you need a partner for your multi-family dwelling’s interior furniture design, contact us today.