Corporate Concepts Honoring Women’s History Month

As a women-owned business, Corporate Concepts is proud to celebrate women's history month by recognizing the astonishing females that make up our team. Throughout our organization, we're honored to work alongside many talented women that embody our brand to envision, create and perform.

To celebrate this month, we've asked our women in leadership roles to share something about their experience and others that have inspired them along the way. See what they had to say:


womenshistorymonth_social share_Page_13"As cofounder of a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), I enjoy sharing best practices with members of our team and fostering a sense of family and community within our company. It is exciting mentoring and advocating for diverse talent as the newer generations enter our workplace. We want to create an environment where people can bring their whole self and have the potential to develop into the future leaders of Corporate Concepts.  With the ever evolving workplace it is a must to listen to those of our future.”

-Jennifer L. Cusack, Executive Vice President


womenshistorymonth_social share_Page_09"In the role of Order Administration Manager, I strive to work across all departments to coordinate procedures that most effectively assist our team. Delivering the best projects for our clients is a group effort and we learn together in order to exceed expectations and promote efficiency and accuracy each time.”

- Marge Halpin, Order Administration Manager


womenshistorymonth_social share_Page_05

"You can’t be what you can’t see – and I am thankful that I have had amazing female mentors and role models in my life. I hope that as a leader at Corporate Concepts I can also be an example to the younger women in this company and this industry. I want to create a welcoming and encouraging work environment to foster confidence and growth in the women around me.”

- Emily West, Director of CAD Technical Designers


womenshistorymonth_social share_Page_03

"Visually portraying Corporate Concepts brand and services to clients requires highly detailed work. As the Director of Marketing and Graphics, I not only maintain brand standards, but also remain in step with our projects from start to finish.

I am fortunate to gain inspiration from our team as projects progress and be surrounded by intelligent, supportive women in our industry every day."

- Amanda Rausch, Director of Marketing & Graphics


womenshistorymonth_social share_Page_07"Assuming the role of Director of Project Management Services at Corporate Concepts has taught me that being a leader not only requires teaching others, but being open to learning from others. I try to instill that it’s not about being perfect, but recognizing that mistakes will be made and how you tackle those mistakes lead to the success of a Project Manager.”

- Jen Soifer, Director of Project Management Services


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"As Controller for Corporate Concepts, I recognize the importance of providing useful and accurate financial information that will be used for decision making purposes and to analyze the financial success of our Company. My goal is to lead and train the Accounting Department to ensure that we are able to help and support every department of Corporate Concepts. The objective would be to achieve seamless efficiency in our operations.”

- Iwona Caldwell, Controller


KillCatie"As Director of Market Strategy at Corporate Concepts, I enjoy utilizing the knowledge I gain from different aspects of the industry such as construction, project management, brokerage, and of course, design to share with end users. It’s an authentic way to connect and honor the mentors and many women who have helped me reach my goals and be more confident in my role as a leader.”

- Catie Kill, Director of Market Strategy