Open for Business: Foxtrot’s New Fulton Market Headquarters

Foxtrot is a Chicago-based and rapidly expanding modern convenience store company known for its well-appointed and designed markets located in bustling urban areas. Foxtrot leverages both digital tools and physical spaces to engage and serve their client base.

When the company outgrew their previous headquarters space, they decided to move to a new 25,000 square feet space at the state-of-the-art 167 N Green Building in Fulton Market.

Our team at Corporate Concepts worked closely with Foxtrot, Partners By Design, and CBRE Project Management to develop and integrate unique furniture solutions that offered the warmth and comfort a Foxtrot market is known for while also supporting high-performance work.

Areas for heads-down individual work are flanked by semiprivate open collaborative meeting areas while a fully-stocked work café serves as a central gathering area and nods to many of the company’s featured products.

Adjacent to the work café, a mix of seating horizons offers space to dine, socialize, or co-work while invoking the comfortable feeling you would get in one of the company’s stores. Ancillary furniture in these areas was thoughtfully curated to offer variety from both a design and function standpoint.  

Explore Foxtrot's new headquarters: