To learn more about Chicago DIRTT Experience Center (DXC), located at 325 N Wells, their future-forward solutions, the inspiration behind them, their innovative nature, and dynamic qualities, scroll through the images below. This space was designed by Ware Malcomb, with Clune Construction as the general contractor. Anywhere you see a plus sign, hover over the icon for more specific information.


Bridging the old with the new and reimagining our future is at the heart of DIRTTs transformed Experience Center and its newest solutions.






corporate concepts' Take from OUR Resident Future-Forward Construction Expert

Andrew Martinez“This month, the word ‘unprecedented’ was named People’s Choice 2020 Word of the Year by and I don’t think anyone is shocked to hear that. Our world has changed – in unprecedented ways. After nearly a year of experiencing and adapting to these changes, it seems our sights have shifted to the future. I find myself asking the same questions over and over again: What do I miss about the old way of doing things? What do I like about the changes that came this year? How can I work to build resiliency and flexibility into my life?

When these questions are applied to the physical spaces we occupy, I feel hopeful. Why? Because the solutions to bridging the old with the new, all while ensuring future adaptability, have been developed and are continuously being reimagined in the world of DIRTT. Future proofing through technology and modularity is, at its core, what DIRTT is all about. Add to that the fact DIRTT has gone through a transformation of its own over the past two years with new solution design and a fully renovated DIRTT Experience Center in downtown Chicago…dare I say it – I can see the future of our spaces – and it’s a good one.”

- Andrew Martinez, Director of Operations at Accelerate Built Environments


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