Featured Solution: DIRTT Cost And Schedule Certainty

The construction industry has been facing soaring material prices within the last year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of iron and steel has reportedly jumped 15.6% since early 2020. Additionally, due to a major shortage in 2020, the cost of lumber has surged a staggering 73%.

For many businesses, this has led to increased prices, procurement delays, and extended lead times for their projects. But not for DIRTT Environmental Solutions, the multi-trade solution for innovative interior design construction.

Despite industry obstacles, DIRTT has continued to prioritize cost certainty, sustainability, and client satisfaction. DIRTT remains committed to finishing its projects on time, on budget, and with no surprises. 

Here's how DIRTT gets it done: 


DIRTT's goal is to create sustainable spaces while reducing the use of raw materials. And DIRTT's commitment to sustainability starts long before construction begins. 

DIRTT considers how every aspect of their process affects the environment, asking: 

"How much energy will it take to create this piece? How safe is it for their clients and the Earth? How easily can it be reused or recycled?"

When you're in a DIRTT space, you can rest assured that every piece has been sourced and built mindfully. 

When building, DIRTT also uses a variety of environmentally friendly materials. This includes recycled content like denim and cotton, no-VOC organic compound Chromacoat paint, water-based finishes, and wood products with high-recycled content. Plus, each of DIRTT's high-quality pieces can be disassembled and repurposed, which greatly increases their life cycle.  

And DIRTT's focus on sustainability doesn't stop there. In 2014, DIRTT became the first interior construction provider to complete a Life Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration. These findings led to DIRTT making several operational changes, and by 2018, its environmental impact was significantly reduced. 

DIRTT Rock Hill Factory


While DIRTT spaces have the aesthetic of conventional construction, they're built much differently. Thanks to industry-leading ICE® Software and vertically-integrated manufacturing processes, DIRTT offers its clients greater schedule certainty and reliability, keeping their projects on track.

While other construction and design companies are passing project deadlines, DIRTT continues to guarantee 3–5-week lead times. 

This year, DIRTT opened its newest factory in Rock Hill, South Carolina. A highly-automated facility, DIRTT's Rock Hill plant will enable clients to rapidly create and build their environments. This new factory will also lead to decreases in procurement and transportation times.  


DIRTT's commitment to sustainability not only helps the environment but its clients' bottom line. Compared to other construction and interior design companies that have hiked their prices, DIRTT has seen zero cost increases. Yes, you read that correctly!

DIRTT is committed to offering cost certainty for its services. This is achieved by using ICE® Software to design every aspect of a clients' new space, from start to finish. ICE® provides a 3D look at their new space, allowing clients to truly experience it before signing off. Once the design has been approved, DIRTT can give clients a clear, reliable cost breakdown with no hidden surprises. 

Our Trusted Partner

As one of Corporate Concepts' long-time strategic manufacturing partners, DIRTT continues to provide innovative design solutions and a commitment to sustainability and cost certainty.

If you're interested in how DIRTT products can transform your workspace, learning, or healthcare environment, contact us today to discuss the possibilities.


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