Dynamic Headquarters in Fulton Market: Cresa

Cresa, an innovative and leading commercial real estate firm, relocated their firm headquarters to Chicago’s Fulton Market neighborhood to take advantage of this thriving neighborhood and to provide a leading example of how to create a dynamic post-pandemic workplace. 

Working closely with architecture and design firm LJC, we developed furniture solutions that supported hospitality and collaboration and offered various settings for high-performance individual work. 

Workstations from Knoll using their Antenna Power Beam system offer height adjustability, efficient storage elements, and acoustic separation for the user. Open collaborative areas have intentional adjacencies to these areas and encourage teams to gather in these informal settings. Cresa’s reception area is hospitality-forward and features a sprawling work café and lounge area. Ancillary solutions in these areas were carefully curated to provide a hospitality feel while still ensuring they would support productive work activities and the space’s striking architecture and views. 

Explore Cresa's new offices below: