Project of the Month: Thoma Bravo

#cciinstalls: project of the month thoma bravo

In collaboration with Gensler, Corporate Concepts recently completed a project installation for leading private equity firm, Thoma Bravo. Thoma Bravo’s new space consists of 29 private offices, each requiring a sense of sophistication and elegance.

Located at 150 N. Riverside, the office totals 14,000 square feet. The project team at Gensler created a modern, understated office space for Thoma Bravo that features long sightlines, a mixture of muted textures and thought-provoking artwork featured throughout the office. 

 #cciinstalls- project of the month thoma bravo 

We’ve written before about how allowing employees to choose their work spaces aids engagement and promotes fulfillment and esteem. Thoma Bravo leaned into this approach by hand-selecting and providing colorful artwork to complement Gensler’s design. Each piece has its own unique story, so we provided furniture with a neutral color palette throughout the office to allow viewers to enjoy these interesting works of art without distraction.


#cciinstalls- project of the month thoma bravo

To promote the sleek, modern aesthetic, Corporate Concepts selected furniture from Halcon’s New Millenia line, which offers rich hardwood surfaces, sequence-matched veneers and adjustable components to give employees versatile work spaces.


Thoma Bravo


Thanks again to our manufacturing partners for your partnership on this project.


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