Affordable Luxury for the Modern Office


One of the most talked about commercial furniture lines making waves this year is the Muuto collection from Knoll. After acquiring the Danish company in January 2018, Knoll has released a range of modern designs spanning from furniture to lighting and accessories.

Blooming from Scandinavian design traditions, the Muuto line marries form and function to offer beautiful, inviting pieces that breathe a welcoming and comfortable feeling into any space. Blurring the lines between commercial and residential, Muuto is ideal for today’s evolving work environment and offers a breadth and depth previously unseen amongst affordable luxury furniture. 


In Finnish, Muuto means “new perspective,” so let’s take a look at how the Muuto line can help breathe new life into commercial work spaces for companies large and small.


Space Planning

Modern offices are designed to promote openness, transparency and efficiency. With many businesses opting for work spaces that allow staff to move from a private work area to a shared environment seamlessly. The Muuto collection speaks directly to the evolving workplace, which should feel more like a home than an office.


Muuto Outline Sofa


What separates Muuto from other business furniture options is its effortless blend of professional and residential design. Many pieces from the Muuto collection skirt the line between traditional Scandinavian design history, showing exposed metal and wood that provide a sense of enduring, made-to-last construction. Likewise, the soft, inviting textures and homey, familiar colors of the Muuto line offer an alluring invitation to any employee.


Muuto’s robust palette of colors make it easy to tie pieces together from space to space and the shared design aesthetics couple well in any setting. 


The Feeling of Home


Muuto Airy Coffee Table


There’s no accounting for the emotional connection employees share with their working environment. From first impressions to learned rituals, the effects color and space have on staff are immeasurable. From the familiar, inviting colors to the amicable and comfortable textures, Muuto pieces beckon employees to stay and relax in their workspace. Above, the Airy Coffee Table is as familiar as it is perfected for the “resi-mercial” market.


Dynamic Spaces that Demand More


Muuto 70/70 Table with Loft Chairs


Not without its own stately decorum, the Muuto line includes pieces for professional environments that illustrate a tasteful design without ever taking up too much space or presenting as ostentatious.


The 70/70 Table, for example, features soft curves that lie gently beneath its bright, amiable wooden surface.


Muuto rebukes the traditional notions of a work space. With elevated vases that reach up to Muuto’s unfold lamps, your space can feel like a home without sacrificing the energizing colors that enliven a working environment. 


With direct nods to traditional design and modern updates to enrich and warm your work space, the Muuto collection boldly invites employees to work and interact with its pieces in a space that is both focused and comfortable.



To learn more about how Knoll’s Muuto collection can help you find new perspectives in your working environment, contact us. From layout design to identifying the right pieces for your space, Corporate Concepts can help design and fill your space with business furniture that is as practical as it is beautiful.