Adaptive Amenity Spaces

Increasingly, companies and organizations’ most dynamic work takes place in communal or shared spaces. Although it began pre-pandemic, this is a trend that the team at Corporate Concepts expects to accelerate as companies begin to plan and retool their workplaces for what’s next.

From developing collaborative spaces within a workplace in order to help a company evolve, to working with building owners and developers to create safe communal areas within a building, Corporate Concepts has proven to be an expert in shared spaces. Thoughtfully planned amenity spaces can support collaboration, connection, and culture and foster a dynamic work environment that draws companies and teams into the physical workplace. We’re exploring three consistent themes that help create high-performance communal spaces.

To learn more about the adaptive amenity spaces we've developed, scroll through the images below. Anywhere you see an orange plus sign, hover over the icon for more information on the product used.

Hospitality Focus

Flexibility + Functionality

Embracing the Outdoors & Bringing the Outdoors In


Looking to elevate your amenity spaces to create dynamic, functional areas for your team to gather, work, and relax? Contact us today to see how we can help.