Smart Spec Suite Solutions from 3Form

Think about the details of a space that make you want to sit down, hang up your coat, and stay a while. It’s clean, has comfortable seating and well-lit. It’s not too loud or too quiet. There’s WIFI and a safe place to put your things. The space feels functional and energetic, but also comfortable and personalized. 

Organizational leaders desire workspaces they and their teams can be proud of, and company culture is key to retaining employees. So, what goes on behind the scenes of creating a space with this type of impact and appeal? The answer is a lot. Growing companies are busy, and they don’t always have the resources or desire to build out their own office environment from scratch, let alone an office with state-of-the-art design. One highly effective way to assist companies to envision themselves in the space is to have it be move-in ready (or close).

In come spec suite programs! Designed by the property owner, a spec suite is built-out for a speculative tenant. Spec suite programs have all the creature comforts that make a space feel welcoming. They also need to be timeless, including having tech and design innovation and meeting the obviously important test of lease-ability.

Multifaceted solutions, including good acoustics, cleanability, writable surfaces, space division, way finding and branding, and solutions to provide an architectural design element, are all key to designing a successful spec suite. We will show you how many 3form products can be used to create a successful spec suite environment.  

To learn more about the spec suites, scroll through the images below. Anywhere you see an orange plus sign, hover over the icon for more information on the product used.

Acoustical Comfort

Functional Surfaces

Conscious Connectivity

Energizing Features



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